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The Tour CAMINO ft The Band CAMINO, flor, & Hastings | Concert Review

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

We got to the venue at 11 am. Crazy right? From the start, we knew it was going to be an incredible day. As fans began trickling in and setting up camp we realized that this wasn't just a show, it was a community. Waving and saying high to the band members as they walked into The Novo for soundcheck, sharing picnic blankets, going on group water and coffee runs, to sharing a mister filled with ice water to combat the 100-degree heat of LA.

These three acts have that sparkle you crave in an artist. There is something warm that draws you in and captures a moment. If you can snag tickets to another date of this tour, do it immediately.

First up we had Hastings. This is a newer name for us. I had been a fan of flor and The Band Camino for years but Hastings I discovered with the tour announcement. I was immediately sold on the first listen. This emerging rock star has that perfect pop sound with the tinge of rock and grit you want. The guy is a lyrical genius. ‘Blank Me’ was the star song of his set, I was screaming along and couldn’t help but dance.

Flor is instant serotonin from the first chord. It was incredible to be dancing around with them again after 2 years apart. These guys are in my top 5 favorite bands (if not artists) of all time. When I tell you flor captures all things good in life, I mean it. Their set opened with their new song ‘Play Along’ and you could feel the energy in the room begin to swell. This group is high-energy, dancing around the stage, rocking out, and styling incredible outfits. Their mid-set shot gave me quite a laugh, especially when it was postponed because there weren’t enough brought out. Flor’s new album Future Shine will be out in just under a month so make sure you follow them now for all the exciting music to come.

The Band CAMINO fills the room with a joy I can't even begin to describe. The way the crowd moved as one, dancing, singing, cheering, and smiling was one of the most incredible crowds I have ever seen. The way people truly danced and screamed along to the songs was like they were in their own music video and the connection with the band was unreal. I talked with a fan outside while were in line, it was her 3rd time seeing them this tour, and had one more stop in Santa Ana to go. That’s dedication and it is so clear why. Jeffery, Spencer, and Garrison truly are a powerhouse trio. To be honest, taking photos almost came second to my urge to dance. I came to the show with three friends and for the last chorus of every song, I would run back to them to completely let loose and dance. The music is infectious, their personalities are energizing, and the experience culminates in being the best concert I think I have ever been to.

Photography and Review by Hannah Schneider

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