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The Midnight and Nightly | Concert Review and Photos

What a night! The Hollywood Palladium was packed with fans of these too evening-themed bands. The best part, the fun doesn’t end! The Midnight recently announced dates for their European tour come 2023 with 17 incredible dates to look forward to.

These two bands perfectly merge pop musicality with the magic of synths and electronic influence. They capture a mood more than a genre and truly holds the room in their own universe. The “Change Your Heart” tour was a great way to see both the performance and musical talent of both bands.

Fans lined up around the block all buzzing with excitement to see this band. The Midnight’s show was beautiful and energetic. For fans of their newest album, they will love the setlist and ambiance so perfectly captured on stage. The lighting design was just breathtaking. I’ll be honest, I pick favorites on albums but this band was able to take the songs that weren’t my favorites and make them shine. The saxophonist was insanely talented and brought so much to the show. The guitarists were amazing and they all worked together to create a really great experience. Some highlights were when they played Los Angeles, Jason and Sunset. Those three songs made for a night I will not forget.

See them on the European leg in 2023!

Review and Photography by Hannah Schneider

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