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The Ivy go 1-on-1 with Unheard Gems

Updated: May 28, 2020

The Ivy is an indie synth-pop trio from Oklahoma. Exemplifying a pure and nostalgic sound, they bring an electrifying performance featuring grooves reminiscent of the 80s. With success of their hit single ‘Gold’ and recent release ‘Better in My Head’, The Ivy has been writing new material and have a lot in store for this year.

Unheard Gems: So happy to get to talk to you guys on Unheard Gems. I honestly heard your music the first time a few months back and fell in love so I'm thrilled to get to feature you on UG

The Ivy: Hey thanks so much! We love when people listen for the first time and connect in such a positive way!

Unheard Gems: Just for our readers to get a little bit of background on you, when did you first know you wanted to pursue music and what was your journey like (individual)?

The Ivy:

Shawn- I had grown up playing various instruments in different bands and orchestras, but it wasn’t until I was studying engineering at University that I stopped two years in to my degree and asked myself if that was what I really wanted to do. So I switched to a music production school, met Wyatt, and the rest is history :)

Unheard Gems: How did you all meet and then from there how did you decided to create this trio?

The Ivy: Shawn- Wyatt and I met at music production school in early 2016 and started writing music together. We released our first EP in 2017 of all our favorite music we had written that previous year. Zack saw us play at an Ivy show shortly after the release and introduced himself. Little did he know, we were in the market for a permanent drummer.

Unheard Gems: I love how your music sounds, I would probably most simply categorize it as pop, has some of those synthetic and indie elements that really set it apart right now. How did you gravitate towards this genre or style? When you listen to music do you listen to similar artists to yourselves or something different?

The Ivy: I think our music style started as a combination of various influences and we ended up enjoying the sound that was being produced. Our music is constantly changing but is still rooted in the same indie synth-pop style.

We all listen to music that’s similar, but also music that is quite drastically different. Finding different, unique music is important to continue developing our sound.

Unheard Gems: When it comes to your writing dynamic as a group how would you describe working and writing these songs together?

The Ivy: Every single song has been a completely different process, but in general, Wyatt and Shawn will start a song either together or apart, usually building off an existing idea. Zack will write the percussion and drum parts. Then the three of us will work together and watch the song grow to completion.

Unheard Gems: Your last release was about half way through last year with “Better in My Head”. What can you tell us about this year with you in terms of new music?

The Ivy: We have a single planned to look out for this spring, which we are very very excited about. We also plan to release an EP later in 2019.

Unheard Gems: You guys have been on tour already this year, how has it been? Any favorite spots or places you look forward to going or returning too?

The Ivy: This has been a really enjoyable experience, learning how to tour properly. We are excited to revisit Indianapolis and Columbus. We also plan to return to California and visit the east coast.

Unheard Gems: Is there a best or worst part of the tour lifestyle for you guys?

The Ivy: The best part is performing outside of our city and seeing people singing our songs. It’s always a wild realization seeing how others respond to the music we create. The worst part is probably the drive between cities!

Unheard Gems: I love getting to talk with bands, do you have any favorite memories with each other or funny band member stories?

The Ivy: When we were traveling this January, we got snowed in in Indianapolis but we were fortunate to be able to spend the whole day playing super smash brothers at a fans house and doing donuts in the snow outside! Also Zack eats soo many bananas on tour. And cliff bars.

Unheard Gems: This is a kind of mean question to ask but if you could pick one artist right now who you think deserves more recognition in the music industry right now who would it be and why (you can each pick one)

The Ivy: We have a friend in LA who goes by the name Birthday, and we think he and his music is awesome!

Unheard Gems: Lastly, for all of our readers, where can they find you and your music and is there anything else you want to leave us with that we didn’t talk about in our interview?

The Ivy:

Anywhere they stream music! Also check out our website and sign up for our newsletter to know what’s happening!

@wearetheivy - instagram

@wearetheivyband - twitter

Interview by Hannah Schneider

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