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“Stay For Long” - Sandro | Review + Interview

“Stay for Long” by Sandro is an indie song that’s meant to be felt from the heart and soul.

In the beginning, Sandro’s hypnotizing vocals emerge from the synths. This is definitely a song to listen to through headphones - the detail is impeccable. His emphasis fluctuates between certain words and sounds which is so pleasing. The lyrics match his emotional tone. He describes trying to hold onto someone, despite knowing deep down that they won’t stay for long. He incorporates a bit of hope by saying “until I write something that makes you miss me” but his downhearted tone indicates that in past experiences this has never worked. The impressive production on this song is akin to Lorde’s hit album from 2017, Melodrama. It creates a mellow, nostalgic vibe that ties everything together.

Sandro is an up and coming indie artist from Nashville, Tennessee. He released the EP stolen art in late April of this year and one of his singles, “Wildflower,” has already reached over 1400 streams on Spotify.


Unheard Gems: Today we are joined by an incredible emerging artist, welcome Sandro! We are really happy to have you on Unheard Gems again, how are you today?

Sandro: I'm great, thanks so much for having me again!

Unheard Gems: I always like to make things a little bit fun in interviews if you could describe your music in an acrostic with your name….how would you describe yourself as an artist?

Sandro: S: A: N: D: R: O: I love this question! I would say Simple, Articulate, Nostalgic, Delicate, Real, and Open.

Unheard Gems: Your most recent single is called “Stay For Long”. It’s your first single post the release of your EP Stolen Art, what can you tell us about this track and your process writing it?

Sandro: It was a very quick process, almost like I knew what the song wanted to say when I heard that first chord. I really do love being able to say a lot with a little, that's the most impressive type of songwriting to me. The concept of the song is very open-ended, generally talking about a drive home with a significant other and the feeling of what you have between the two of you falling apart. What I love most about the song is that it really can mean something different or describe a different scenario to each person who listens.

Unheard Gems: How do you see your sound evolving? What can listeners appreciate about you as an artist consistently and where do you want to take your art?

Sandro: It seems artists' sounds start as an inspiration from other artists' music and then develop into their own unique sound, and I feel like that's the step I took with this song. It really feels like I'm starting to create an original sound and everything that inspires me is playing a part to that. As for the songwriting, I always write about my own personal experiences in hopes to grow from them through the song, and I hope they can resonate with fans and help them grow too.

Unheard Gems: We asked you this in our first interview with you but we always like to know who artists are listening to, if you could recommend to us another artist you think deserves more recognition in the music industry who would you recommend?

Sandro: Of course! I love this idea as well. I've been listening to my best friend Jacob Erick's song "Grave Dancing" a lot lately. The song is like nothing I've heard before and the melodies and drums are infectious. I'm very proud of him and how much his sound is developing with each release.


Written by Annika Johnson and Hannah Schneider

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