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Soaring High: Recap of Day 2 at Head in the Clouds Music Festival

Despite scorching temperatures last weekend during day 2 of the Head in the Clouds Festival at the Rose Bowl, the whole scene was buzzing with energy and excitement. The atmosphere was infectious as everyone gathered to catch a wide variety of artists representing different music styles, all brought together by the 88 Rising label. What made it even cooler was that these lineups featured artists from the Asian diaspora, showcasing a diverse range of talent.

Among the incredible artists who took the stage that day, three emerging talents really stood out and are totally worth a listen:


Grentperez, an artist with Filipino-Australian roots, drew a massive crowd at the Honda Double Happiness stage. It was easily the busiest the stage got all day, with eager fans anxiously awaiting his appearance. Grentperez had this cool and collected presence, radiating a poetic charm that got everyone hooked. His smile was contagious, and he had the crowd captivated throughout. His music seemed to blend a mix of styles, including R&B and indie rock, and he had a handful of soulful, reflective tunes that reminded me of artists like Daniel Caesar and Charlie Burg. Keep an eye on him, he's got that special something.

Lyn Lapid

Lyn Lapid, a Filipino-American singer-songwriter, brought an infectious energy to her first-ever festival performance. She had the crowd swaying and dancing along as she led the way. Her stage presence was an absolute blast to watch. She dabbled in a few musical styles, but her indie pop vibe really shone through, giving off vibes similar to Claire Rosinkranz.


Sion, a Korean artist stepped onto the stage and remarked that most of the crowd may have no clue who he was, but that didn't stop them from enjoying his show to the fullest. He seemed a tad nervous, being his first time performing in America, but his upbeat indie pop tunes kept everyone engaged. As his performance rolled on, he visibly relaxed and got into the groove. His lively rhythm reminded me of Christian French and Tai Verdes. It's exciting to think about where his career might take him.

Amidst the scorching heat and boundless enthusiasm, these three rising stars lit up day 2 of the festival with their unique sounds and engaging performances. Make sure to keep these names on your radar as they continue making waves in the music scene.

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