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Sidney Bird goes 1-on-1 with Unheard Gems | Interview

Sidney Bird is a jack-of-all-trades. She’s no stranger to the arts, as she’s trying her hand at songwriting after endeavors in both comedy and musical theater. Largely inspired by her western upbringing, her music fuses together sounds of indie pop and indie folk. Now, as a Brooklyn resident, she’s staying true to her roots and embracing how her new surroundings influence her art. Her new song, “Renaissance Man” is out now, and we got to talk to her about it.

UG: Welcome Sidney to Unheard Gems! How are you doing today?

SB: Thank you for having me!!!! I am good today :)

UG: For our readers who don’t know you yet can you give us a glimpse into your musical origin story, how did your music come to be?

SB: Of course. I have been singing my whole life. I grew up participating in musical theater and singing karaoke with my dad. It wasn't until high school, I started writing songs. And then, it wasn't until post college I started sharing my songs / releasing them on streaming services! I did not think I would be doing this, I wanted to be a stand up comedian, but this makes me happier.

UG: Congratulations on your new song, “Renaissance Man”! What inspired you to write it?

SB: Thank you!!! My family!! I spent so much time in quarantine with them, it made me reflect on my childhood and how grateful I am for my parents.

UG: You’re from Arizona but are now based in Brooklyn. How does such a huge move influence your music? Are you having a hard time staying true to your roots or do you welcome the change as you go?

SB: I would say my music is very "western rooted" it's a hybrid between pop folk / indie pop. My lyrics have the consistency of being very airy and nostalgic, and most every song has a strong guitar in it. I love change!!!!

UG: You have a background in both comedy and musical theater, what led you to become a singer/songwriter? How do you use your background in both those areas to hone in on your talent as a songwriter?

SB: Honestly, my mental health. After I graduated college, I had really bad panic attacks and depression, and writing music was the only thing that helped me! It helped me get out of my own head and share my story. Once I did that, I was constantly inspired by ANYTHING around me --- people I saw in cafes to books I read. I think comedy helps me not take myself too seriously, and theater helps me nail down "the story" I am trying to tell in each song.

UG: Your style is impeccable and a huge part of your artistry. What influences your style?

SB: THANK YOU!!!!!! The west honestly is my inspiration. Like, I love wearing cowboy boots in Brooklyn. I look so chic.

UG: In your Spotify bio, it says you’re ready to make 2022 your year. What are your plans?

SB: I AM! I plan on releasing at least 8 new songs :) and hopefully play many more shows.

UG: What would you say is your biggest accomplishment and music so far, and where do you see yourself going from there?

SB: Probably my streams on spotify, because I know my mom can't listen to my song 1 milion times, so there have gotta be real people out there.

UG: What is the most memorable venue you’ve played at? Where would be your dream venue to play?

SB: I once did a sail in boat show at a lake in Wisconsin where my parents have a cabin. My dream venue is the SNL stage....

UG: Finally, what songs are in your heavy rotation right now? What can you recommend for us?

SB: Sisyphus - Andrew Bird, Summer Girl - HAIM, Bonnaroo - Tucked In, Sunshine - Ryan Bigham

UG: We always like to know who our Unheard Gems artists are listening to. If you could recommend to us another artist you think deserves more recognition in the music industry, who would you recommend? **


UG: Lastly, for all of our readers, where can they find you and your music, and is there anything else you want to leave us with that we didn’t talk about in our questions? **

SB: Anywhere and everywhere!! All my socials are @sidneybirdmusic


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