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“Run” – Colby Lapolla | Review

A song’s potential to define the charisma of a given on-screen scene is held in its sharpness and style. TV on the Radio’s “DLZ” amplifies the chilling denouement of a second season Breaking Bad episode, while Sia’s “Breathe Me” deepens the emotional punch of the Six Feet Under series closing. A great song carries with it enough weight to support complex storytelling and leave a lasting impression. In Colby Lapolla’s “Run,” you can hear the slow-motion walk—the sinister stare—the conniving scheming—the righteous malintent. It’s a protagonist’s theme—an important piece of the rising action.

The latest single from the rising, dark-pop producer chronicles a character caught up in a toxic relationship. It’s about seeing the signs and making a clean break. Sonically, the song embodies the introspective feeling of suffering in silence. It’s a musical representation of somebody about to get up to something.

It’s short but sweet—spirited but shadowy. The wobbling bass and fresh electronica make for a fun first listen, but it’s the authentic, full-flavored vocals that give this tune its replay-ability. In fact, Lapolla deftly uses empty space to showcase her commanding voice in “Run.” It boasts a certain confidence that reassures the listener of the narrator’s imminent triumph. They may be addicted to a bad brand of love, but the fever’s broken, and they’re going to get out.

Each section of the song is striking, but among the most notable is the hook. During the intriguing three-part harmony, Lapolla plays with a major scale over its relative minor root, evoking a dark, Aeolian feel. Her layered voices dance around a big C#m7sus2 chord.

Colby Lapolla crafts genre-bending pop hits in Los Angeles, California. She splits her time between composing a solo project, producing for vocalists, and exploring new sync opportunities. Her second single, “Hold the Line,” was featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist, and her clients include singers Michael McQuaid, Lisa Winfield, and ELIYYA LANE.

“Run” is a fun new piece—an addition that complements Lapolla’s work in its entirety. It’s dark, cool, and stylish. It speaks to who she is as an artist. It establishes her as a bold, streetwise performer who is not to be sniffed at.

Written by Matt Kalicky

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