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"No More" - Bailey Graham | Artist Take

After a successful 2019 - with a release with Casual Jam Records, an appearance on Spotify’s India Top 50 official playlist, and support from Mr. Revillz, College Music, and youtuber Kalyn Nicholson - Dallas pop artist Bailey Graham returns more personal and intimate than ever with ‘No More’, which dropped February 7th.

‘No More’ is a deep track that captures the essence of a lost faith in love and one’s self. While only starting with a single retrospective synth, the record then ascends to an epic final chorus that will certainly send chills through anyone who listens. This record is just the beginning for Bailey this year, with new singles just on the horizon as well as his debut EP set to release later this fall. Watch out for Bailey as he continues to push the envelope further with his unique blend of Pop & R&B.

Bailey Graham is a producer, songwriter, and artist from the suburbs of Dallas, taking a wide range of influences from the likes of Gallant, Daniel Caesar, Charlie Puth, and Justin Timberlake. Through his special productions, chilling vocals, and abundance of harmonies, Bailey Graham is making a name for himself in the Pop and R&B space entirely independently.

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