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Luci goes 1-on-1 with Unheard Gems

Check out Luci, a female Folk/Pop trio from Los Angeles. These three ladies are taking on the music world with influences of Blues, Soul, and Jazz, three styles that appear in their writing. We got to talk with Luci around the release of their newest single “Ashes (Stripped)”. Check it out:

Unheard Gems: When did you first know you wanted to pursue music or when did you start to work on your music?

Luci: It started differently for all of us, but we were all really young when we realized our love for music. Taking it seriously as a career, we each have different stories! For Ashley, it was when she was 18 working at a songwriting camp in Orange County. Mckail decided to pursue a music after attending a vocal masterclass series in California when she was 12. Ariana decided to make music her career when she was 20, after a band member passed unexpectedly. And for Luci...the first night we met in 2015 was the moment we decided to pursue it together!

UG:Just so we can get to know you a bit now, what would be 5 words you would use to describe you as an artist and why?

Luci: Hmmm, probably multifaceted, emotive, fun, harmonic, and brave. We’re three VERY different people who came together and somehow it all just clicked. Because of that, it feels like we’re one of those 2,000-piece puzzles, you know; these tiny little sections of an overall picture, all very distinct, coming together to form a brand new woman.

UG: Going back a bit, how did Luci come to be? What is your groups origin story.

Luci: Well it all started Thursday, March 12th, 2015, even though Ari continues to insist that we met up on Friday the 13th! ;-) McKail is the culprit. She set up a co-write that actually included one other person. That other person last minute wasn’t able to make it, so the three of us met up anyway. The second we sang our first harmony we knew we had something special. We wrote our first song, created our first logo, and came up with our name that night. We sat around a candle and threw out ideas...Luci stuck when we realized it was the name of the “first woman”, an Australopithecene who lived 2 million years ago.

UG: You have something so magical when you sing together and your music is really beautiful to listen to. We got to listen to your newest song “Ashes (stripped)” a bit early and it is amazing to listen to. What is the story behind that song and what was it like to write?

Luci: Thank you so much! We’re really glad you like it. Ashes actually came faster than most songs; the whole story started brewing after we experienced the aftermath of a breakup between our close friend and their partner. It represents that conflict and

uncertainty in a relationship and being drawn to the darkness in a person. We wrote it while waiting for a co-write in an office on Music Row on a super gloomy day in Nashville...we brought the beginnings of the song to our co-writer Tripp Weir and from there the song wrote itself.

UG: What about other new ideas, songs, or projects in the works that you can tell us a bit about. Anything new you are looking forward too or want to happen?

Luci: We’re actually in the middle of creating an album! We’ve been working with our producers out in Nashville and it’s all in the coming together process. There are some absolutely incredible players on it who we’re humbled to have been able to work with, and our producers are as talented as they are kind and encouraging. We’re so excited to share this new music with everyone! Other than that, we’re looking forward to playing more festivals and opening up for more artists we admire!

UG: What is something each of you are learning or have learned about yourself and each other through working on music together? Anything surprising?


Ariana: Growth through challenging each other, and how beautiful three completely different people can be together <3

McKail: What surprised me the most is how much work we’re able to get done together, how great the songs end up being, and how everything is to a certain level of quality because there are three brains involved.

Ashley: I’ve learned how to grow as a person, how to expand my horizons and try things I never would have tried. But I’ve also learned how to be proud of the person I am, what I’ve accomplished, and now I know that I always have 2 people who have my back regardless of the circumstances.

UG:If you could recommend to us another artist you think deserves more recognition in the music industry who would you recommend?

Luci: Rett Madison!! She’s fiercely talented, passionate, and unapologetically herself. She writes about and stands for everything she believes in, supports her community and everyone around her; and when she performs, she simultaneously uplifts you while making you feel all the feels!

UG: Thank you so much for joining us on Unheard Gems, as a final question where can people find you and your music?

Luci: Starting Thursday August 9th we’ll be on all of the major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc)! But they can also find links to our music on our website, and follow our shenanigans on Facebook or Instagram @lovelucimusic.

Thanks so much!

Interview by Hannah Schneider

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