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Lostboycrow and Brooke Alexx Show Review + Photo Gallery

On April 1, LA-based Lostboycrow had a homecoming by finishing out his first headlining tour, The Indie Pop Tour, in the Moroccan Lounge. The intimate venue was packed full with die-hard fans and music lovers, creating a buzzing and electric setting.

Before Lostboycrow went on, Brooke Alexx, a Nashville-based pop artist took the stage. While she’s had some songs blow up on TikTok, including “All My Exes’ Moms”, I was largely unfamiliar with her music. However, her charismatic stage presence and dynamic movement immediately captivated my attention. She even had a couple of talented backup dancers that added lots of life to the performance. In terms of her music, all of her songs are very catchy and seem like it’d be fun to sing them at the top of your lungs during your personal car karaoke session. I also appreciated her songs that showed a lot of vulnerability and showed real glimpses into her life, including “Oldest” and “I’m Sorry, Tokyo”. Brooke was a very impressive performer, and I would love to see her live again as her music continues to progress.

Finally when it was time for the main show, Lostboycrow stepped on stage in a fashionable hand-painted jumpsuit commemorating the tour. Lostboycrow opened with a cover of The Killers’ “Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll”, which was a perfectly fitting introduction for The Indie Pop Tour set, and got the crowd pumped and energized immediately. Lostboycrow’s music, influenced by pop-rock, alternative, and R&B sounds, seems like it was made to be heard live as evidenced by the abundance of invigorating guitar. Throughout the show, Chris Danks, the man behind Lostboycrow, casually conversed with the crowd and shared a bit of his charming and funny personality, which I always love to see at shows. Between the infatuating deep vocals, the lively and exhilarating guitar, and the well-put-together setlist, Lostboycrow successfully created an infectious and rousing atmosphere. Lining the stage, there were so many fans dancing and belting every single lyric back to the band. There were a couple of moments that I particularly loved, including hearing an exciting unreleased song and seeing Lostboycrow perform a stripped-back version of “Devil’s in the Backseat”, a sultry song released back in 2017. Lostboycrow finished out the encore with the iconic “Candy Wine”, which was amazing to finally hear live. Before starting the last song, Chris remarked that this tour is about “Doing what you love”, and I just really appreciate that I got to share in and experience that love that he has for music and performing. Overall, it was an unforgettable night, and I wait to relive the concert by putting Lostboycrow on repeat.

Written by Laurel Ayuyao

Photos by Hannah Schneider

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