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Long Live Rock and Roll | The Unlikely Candidates, Castlecomer, RH2 @ the Moroccan Lounge LA

Joined by openers RH2 and Castle Comer, headlining band The Unlikely Candidates rocked the Moroccan Lounge last night in Los Angeles.

The show opened with L.A. band RH2. Dylan Jackson Scott is a man on a journey. His band, RH2 is music with a rare sort of honesty and ambition. RH2 (which, in fact, stands for Rad Horror 2) picks up the pieces of past efforts and brings it to a new focus. These guys were quite a start to the show. They got the crowd dancing and vibing along. With incredible vocals and stage presence paired with some killer dance moves RH2 is one to keep an eye on.

Castlecomer was next up and this is truly a moment where the party started. The Australian band made up of Bede, Tommy, Patch, Neel, and Joe had a high energy set with even more dancing and singing along. Audience participation, dancing, jumping, clapping, and more were all encouraged. They had such amazing energy and charisma. From cracking jokes with fans, telling stories about shipping guitars from Australia, jet lag, and getting a flat tire after just 12 hours in the U.S. this band won over everyone’s hearts and ears.

Finally, we get the headliner, The Unlikely Candidates. An American indie rock band formed in Fort Worth, Texas in 2008. The band consists of lead vocalist Kyle Morris, lead guitarist Brenton Carney, guitarist Cole Male, drummer Kevin Goddard, and bassist Jared Hornbeek. Their most recent single, "Novocaine", has received over 14 million streams and video views.

The ninth night of their 60 stop Novocaine tour, this band is nothing but energy. I have to say, indie rock and hair-flipping never get old. From walking across speakers, wandering the crowd, and crazy dancing this band does it all and still performs amazingly. I will say, I am beyond impressed by all of these bands for how active they were on stage normally vocals could be compromised but they all sounded incredible. If you have the chance to see them in a city near you I would 100% recommend it.

Concert review by Hannah Schneider

Photography by Hannah Schneider and Zoe Schmitt

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