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"In My Mind" - Ariza | Artist Spotlight

Colombian producer Ariza treats listeners to his new single "In My Mind" ft. Wardõ from his forthcoming Why Am I album. This innovative artist melds worldly sounds and production with eclectic elements to shock your auditory system. From alluring vocals and electronic production to earthy elements, Ariza's sound captures it all.

"In My Mind" saunters into the world of dreamy pop and glitchy electronic soundscapes. Ariza draws you into a tranquil, meditative state just before synths begin to swirl and the percussion slams at the chorus. A 'lose yourself' feeling quickly takes over as raspy vocals ring loud singing, "in my mind, hopeless lovers," creating a sense of wonder. Mexico City born singer and songwriter Wardõ is a welcomed addition to this track and adds another layer of depth with the second verse sung in Spanish.

On the track Ariza shares, "When Wardõ and I got together to write 'In My Mind' he wanted to reflect on how much technology has influenced finding relationships, and how, even if sometimes it's allowed to create some relationships, they are rarely hopeful or organic. Sonically, I wanted to create an introspective yet chaotic, danceable, and hard-hitting track that could encapsulate the ups and downs of a relationship, especially a hopeless, modern one."

Hailing from Bogotá, Colombia and currently residing in Los Angeles, Ariza has made quite a name for himself in the music world. From music directing to producing, from composing to playing guitar, Ariza has worked with notable artists including The Staves, Phillip Lassiter, Julia Michaels, Jae Deal, Miette Hope, Musiq Soulchild and more.

Ariza has garnered praise from notable publications for his previous releasing ranging from Huffington Post and Voyage LA to coveted spots on Spotify's New Music Friday and Fresh Finds playlist.

Ariza's debut album, Why Am I (due out March 2nd), features prominent rising artists Miette Hope, Emily C. Browning, Astynn Turr and more. The album explores and widens Ariza's sound from the sultry, glitch-pop of "Find Me" to the intimate and grounded, "Someday." Ariza has spent the past year crafting all 15 songs on the album. "The album features some of whom I consider to be the best independent artists/songwriters I've collaborated with. The album is a snapshot every month throughout this year. The large variety of genres is reflective of the vast array of influences that have shaped the way I write and produce music. This album holds a lot of weight for me, as it saw me through an accident last year where I tore three tendons in my wrist and have a prognosis of several years of recovery. Despite the devastating news, creating this music has been the most therapeutic part of recovery and keeps me pushing forward through the pain and tribulations that life brings."

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