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In His Mania tour Spencer Sutherland | Show Review and Gallery

Finishing out the In His Mania tour, Spencer Sutherland, JORDY, and Michael Minelli had a celebratory homecoming show at the Belasco in Downtown Los Angeles on April 27. As this was the last concert of the tour, everyone was emotional but ready to sing their hearts out one last time.

Starting off first, Michael Minelli amped up the crowd with his electrifying energy. His performance had the crowd feeling like they were at a rager, with performances of both his own songs and a couple of familiar covers. Michael did an amazing job hyping up everyone in the theater and preparing them for the next acts. His engaging and goofy personality had the crowd falling in love with him.

Next, as JORDY took the stage, the whole theater was frenzied with excitement. Fresh off of releasing his second album BOY, JORDY’s set had a wide range of songs and put the audience through a full range of emotions. There were many fun moments, such as bringing out singer John Hampson, member of the band Nine Days, during his performance of his TikTok-famous song “Story of a Boy”. JORDY also had a lot of heartfelt moments too connecting with passionate fans, and I appreciated how much he wanted everyone there to have a positive and safe experience. To close out his set, JORDY sang “Till It Hurts”, which got the whole audience dancing and clapping along.

Finally, after much anticipation, as the bass reverberated and energized the crowd, Spencer Sutherland emerged through a large glowing star at the center of the stage. His entrance was just as exciting and dramatic as the rest of his performance. Throughout his whole set, he was dancing and kicking as the crowd sang at the top of their lungs. In between songs, Spencer expressed his gratitude for his fans and reminisced about when he had performed in the same venue in 2019 as an opener. He also joked that he was taking a long time between songs just because he wasn’t quite ready for tour to end. Overall, I was super impressed with Spencer’s fun charisma, soulful voice, and crazy vocal range. Spencer celebrated the end of the night with his upbeat song “Outer Space” and hugged all of his fans along the barricade. I definitely recommend checking out Spencer Sutherland’s latest album In His Mania and seeing him live the next time he tours.

Written by Laurel Ayuyao

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