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'garden' - Mae Krell | PR

The first single of a string of new tracks for emerging singer-songwriter Mae Krell.

About the song, Krell says : "Garden is my first release in a string of new singles. It's about letting go of something or someone that you've relied on for so long, that you aren't fully sure or trusting of your own ability to be happy without it. Garden is a song about pain and fear, and the growth that comes from those places when you're able to give yourself time to heal."

On the surface Mae Krell looks like your average New Yorker. They wear their hair occasionally pink and sport a band T-shirt whenever they can. They hang out at rock shows and love watching Post Malone’s early acoustic videos on Youtube. However, Mae posses a stark ability that is only apparent once you hear their songs. The 20 year-old songwriter touches on the most vulnerable parts of growing up in 2020. “I don’t want to be portrayed as too put together. I’m still working on myself. I’m constantly changing and growing and falling apart and coming back together.”

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