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"Foxes and Boxes" - fluoxcity

Need some warmth during cold winter nights? Close your eyes, listen and let yourself be taken away into a magical dream world. Somehow reminding of works of Artists like Daughter, Aurora or Sophie Hunger you will soon love the very distinct style of this new mellow facet of fluoxcity in 2020.

"We live-recorded that song on a famous farm, called Kliemannsland during sessions in november 2019. If you listen closely, you can hear the raindrops on the roof of that cold but beautiful barn. The Sessions were entirely filmed, so there will be a video release" - fluoxcity

Fluoxcity are a four piece electronic band from Germany. A group of friends who met in the experimental sub culture playing various improvised shows together. It all started with the desire to create meaningful pop music.

Two voices who give heartfelt performances, and an instrumentation reminiscent of artists like Massive Attack and James Blake form that unique group of multi-instrumentalists, producers and writers.

Together they write songs with dark and dreamy verses and popping choruses that you’ll find yourself singing along to.

In the late fall of 2017 fluoxcity started writing and rehearsing during blurry autumn nights underneath the tramways of their hometown. These truly wonderful nights eventually led to the recording of their first EP ‘III’ in December 2017 and the release on 16th February 2018. Their signature blend of deep lyrics and eccentric unique vocals layering with synthesizers, samples and acoustic drums made sure that fluoxcity soon built a local fanbase.After releasing ‘III’ fluoxcity got the opportunity to play their sold out live debut in Bunker Ulmenwall on the 29th of may 2018.

As the year progressed fluoxcity played various live concerts sharpening their very own style of writing, focusing on danceable yet deep and dreamy pieces, now involving more acoustic instruments like violin, guitar and piano.

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