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Flor, Joan, & Lostboycrow @ The Regent L.A. | Concert Review

On October 11th indie-pop-rock gems Lostboycrow, joan, and Flor took the Regent Theater stage in Los Angeles. With a line that extended around the block well before the doors to the venue where opened, the sold-out show was an environment of enthusiasm and excitement. The community that came out to the show was friendly and everyone was there to support their favorite band and hear what the others had to offer.

Crooner Lostboycrow was greeted with loud applause and shouts of encouragement upon his arrival twenty minutes prior to his opening set after battling traffic to the venue. Like a rockstar, Chris (LBC) took the stage and rocked his set out of the park. With, dummer, Cole Petersen, Chris played songs from all throughout his career including a song yet to be released. I loved how Chris recreated old songs like Devil’s in the Backseat by moving further from his old more R&B and electronically influenced sound to his more refined indie rock sound of Santa Fe.

We got the chance to talk with Lostboycrow after the show - check our interviews

Joan walked onto the stage to the screams of their fans. The sweet love songs were beautifully performed. Alan and Stephen had a blast performing and shared a few moments rocking out together on stage right. Joan’s enthusiastic dynamic and talented set had not only their own fans singing and bopping along, but the whole crowd. They for sure made many new fans last night.

Flor headlined the show and blew us away. The dynamic of the band is incredible to see live and show how tightly knit the group is. Again playing songs across the band’s history fans recent and long-time were able to have songs hit home the entire night. Ley lines was my personal favorite of the night for flor and it will stay with me well beyond that night.

I think it's amazing that flor was able to rally such and an amazing group to tour together. The way these bands interact and support each other is clear that it extends past just this tour. Keep an eye out for what these guys do next:

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Co-Written by Zoe Schmitt and Hannah Schneider

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Nov 04, 2022

Chris (LBC)...I can't bring myself to use that culturally appropriative name is an asshole

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