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Christian French + Sarah Barrios @ El Rey Theater | Concert

This past week we were able to see two incredible artists take the stage at the El Rey Theater. Christian French and Sarah Barrios had killer sets and we are always excited when we get the chance to see some of our favorite rising stars in action.

Tik Tok sensation, Sarah Barrios is what I can describe as a pop-punk artist that has a Paramore sound to her music. She has such an amazing stage presence that it definitely made her music stand out in my head. Her song, “IH8EVERY1” is a pop-punk essential that is about a high school type crush that makes one want to stay around for parties and be with them, hence the name IH8EVERY1 is used in the song as I hate everyone but you. On the contrary, A slower song she played was “Mourn the Living”. It starts off with a melancholic piano speeding up with more emotion further into the song. The song touches on the complications and frustrations of falling out of relationships, both platonic and romantic, and persevering and growing from them. Overall, her music is amazing and I would totally recommend it for that pop-punk feel.

Leaning towards Indie pop, Christian French brings a new feel to the genre. With

energetic enthusiasm, he bounces around the stage with such happiness to be back in his zone. The crowd was singing along and matching his energy. His song “By Myself” is what I perceive to be about learning to love oneself and how his lover was trying to help him find himself but he rejected it. An upbeat hide these undertones a little bit but a good song to listen to the rain to. His other song “Love Ride”, it’s about just love in the purest form. Realizing the girl he is with could be the one and him seeing a future with her. A song I would listen to driving down the coast. Overall review, and awesome show to experience and his music is definitely what I would blast on my speakers.

Photography by Emma Dill

Review by Emma Dill + Hannah Schneider

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