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"Aquarium" - Cactus Tree |Review

The first pluck of that reverberating bassline had me hooked. There is a warmth and serendipity to Cactus Tree's single "Aquarium" that makes it a must-listen heading into spring.

Sometimes you need a fresh start, you need more than the little glass box you have been put in - you need to explore the vast expanses of the world and your potential. That is what Aquarium is about. There is something about containing something that almost stifles its potential beauty. This metaphor is so beautifully woven into an indie folk melody for almost four minutes. This is the kind of music I love.

Cactus Tree you have a new fan here at Unheard Gems.

Aquarium is a dreamy folk pop song that explores the feeling of leaving a comfortable yet limiting relationship within a metaphor of a fish leaving the aquarium to experience the open ocean for the first time. The atmospheric nature of this song creates a feeling of peaceful assurance while the pop energy evokes an excitement for the unknown.

This is an artist we want to follow now, with less than 500 monthly listeners on Spotify, Cactus Tree is why we started Unheard Gems and why we will continue to find and support these incredible emerging artists. This is your sign that she is one to watch,

Review by Hannah Schneider

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