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A Captivating Night of Folk-Pop Magic at John-Robert's EP Release Show

John-Robert recently graced the stage at Ghengis Cohen in LA to celebrate the release of his latest EP, Garden Snake, and the evening turned out to be a memorable dive into the heart of indie folk-pop. Ghengis Cohen, an intimate and quirky venue that doubles as a Chinese restaurant, provided the perfect backdrop for an enchanting night of music. Despite its smaller size, the venue buzzed with anticipation even before the first note was struck. The room was packed, setting the stage for an intimate and electric atmosphere that would define the night.

Kicking off the evening was MyKey, an LA-based indie folk-pop artist who effortlessly warmed up the crowd with his engaging stage presence and charismatic humor. Initially zooming through his planned setlist, at the end of his set, he invited the audience to suggest songs, showcasing his impressive ability to improvise and connect with the crowd. MyKey leaned into the folk acoustic side of his music throughout the night, delivering an enjoyable performance that set the tone for the evening.

Next up was John-Robert, another LA-based indie folk-pop artist hailing from a small town in Virginia. Backed by a full band, John-Robert's performance was nothing short of electric. The artist showcased numerous tracks from Garden Snake, describing the EP as "a time capsule. It was like trying to make a Virginia record in LA. I’m really proud of myself for seeing it through. It was character building, but I proved to myself I could make it out the other side. It’s something no one can take away from me”.

One of the most impressive aspects of John-Robert's performance was the passion and vulnerability conveyed through his lyrics. In the intimate setting of Ghengis Cohen, he gave the audience a poignant glimpse into his life and roots in Virginia. I would highly recommend Garden Snake for those seeking a musical journey into a realm of heartbreak and self-discovery. John-Robert's ability to transport the audience into the emotional landscape of his music was a testament to the authenticity and sincerity

embedded in his work.

Written by Laurel Ayuyao

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