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Zoya Zafar - “Tunnel Vision” |Review

Tunnel Vision by Zoya Zafar will give you that nostalgic early 2000s feeling like no other. In a world full of autotune and electric music, Tunnel Vision will cleanse you with pure and clear vocals.

This relaxing tune, accompanied by a gentle acoustic guitar and soft beats, will make anyone pick up a guitar and learn it. For a Sunday morning, Zoya Zafar has created the perfect song to listen to over coffee. The story within the track is sweet in and of itself. Zoya sings about a love interest who keeps coming back around, even though they “don’t believe in paradise” Is this their paradise? She has only eyes for him, hence the lyrics, “Tunnel vision, I only see you…” As a dream-pop masterpiece, Tunnel Vision has the ability to transport you to a world of your own, serving as a welcome escape from the daily chaos.

Zoya Zafar, born in Lahore, Pakistan, and raised in Orlando, Florida, is a self-taught singer, songwriter, and musician with a remarkable journey through the world of music. Since her teen years, she’s been enchanting audiences locally around Florida, gaining fans along the way, and releasing singles since 2015. Tunnel Vision, co-written and produced by Max Helgemo, is the first single of her upcoming full-length album “Some Songs” which has been in the works for a while. Keep an eye on Zoya Zafar as she embarks on this adventure.

Written by Lia Tsvetanova

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