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Rising alt-rock artist Zoë Kilgren pulls no punches on her latest hard-hitting single "Can't Do This Anymore." The grungy, Nirvana-inspired track finds Kilgren exorcizing the trauma of growing up with a narcissistic, abusive parent through sheer sonic force.

With its distorted guitars and defiant lyrics, "Can't Do This Anymore" captures the raw anguish and conflicting release of cutting ties with an abuser. The visceral lyrics like "weak stomach, quick glances, inherited shit chances, walk away from everything you love" give voice to that pivotal decision to prioritize one's well being over a toxic relationship.

“Can’t Do This Anymore” ties together the perfect blend of indie rock and grunge influences that make for an electric sound escape. With crunched up guitar, the driving force of the drumline, and powerhouse vocals, Kilgren provides the song's lyrical heartbeat and creates the perfect soundtrack as the days get warmer. Upon listening, one can imagine the heat mirage radiating off the pavement mirroring the nuance of feminine rage which cuts deep through this anthemic track. The ideal setting is driving down PCH at 90mph with all the windows down screaming along.

While fueled by deep-seated pain, "can't do this anymore" ultimately represents a defiant act of self-preservation.

"This song is about going no contact with an abusive parent," Kilgren shares. "I grew up in a really messed up situation and honestly never saw myself escaping because I didn't know how. In learning how to prioritize my own safety and mental health, I realized it's unnecessary to have a relationship with someone who will never change or be a good person to you."

Musically, Kilgren cites inspiration from the 90s alt-rock and riot grrrl movements, with the heavy, aggressive sound evoking the spirit of bands like Nirvana. But her approach remains distinctly modern and authentic to her own experiences.

"I think this song is definitely our most 'hardcore,'" Kilgren states. "Our sound is always evolving depending on what story we're trying to tell, and the in-your-face composition here really matches the anger in the lyrics."

With "can't do this anymore," Zoë Kilgren has created a scorching anthem for survivors of abuse and codependency. By transforming her pain into grunge catharsis, she's crafted a galvanizing affirmation of personal boundaries and self-respect. Zoë consistently fights the dichotomy of questioning her strength and following her impulsivity to salvage her own life. She carefully begs the question: “do I stay in this and continue to try to fix the unfixable or do I leave and finally break the cycle?” This nuance coupled with the epic release of built up silenced rage brings listeners right to the soul of the track. Her experience is shared by numerous communities, and Kilgren makes way for others to air their own grievances and unleash their power by joining in with her.

The Zoë Kilgren Band, or ZKB, is an indie rock quartet, comprised of Zoë Kilgren (vocals and lyrics), Richard Follin (lead guitarist), James Wenz (bassist), and Nick Ferrucci (drums), who met serendipitously in Los Angeles. Marrying the deeply personal topics of her life to the universality of music, Zoë creates vulnerable and honest anthems alongside her bandmates, carrying an unexpected weight and authenticity.

Flying off of their debut EP "The Phoenix" released in August of 2023, they are taking the Los Angeles scene by storm through a multitude of performances and local events. Fusing blues, indie, rock, folk, punk, and pop, ZKB is gearing up for the release of two new songs in 2024. They can’t wait to show their listeners what can only be described as the very beginning.


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