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“Your Words” - Jenny Kern | Review

The yearning feeling of longing for someone is perfectly described through Jenny Kern's final single “Your Words” off her upcoming anticipated EP.

Jenny Kern, a singer-songwriter born in Canada based in Brooklyn, is set to release her upcoming final single “Your Words”. We start off slow as it corresponds with its melancholic lyrics. The emotional lyrics create a paradox as it builds in tempo throughout the song. This build up helps create a nostalgic atmosphere with the beats as it reminds me of mid 2010s pop music, but with Kern’s spin on it. The creation of an optimistic rhythm makes one get peacefully lost in the song. The lyrics accompany you on that journey into the feeling of reminiscing about a relationship you once had.

“I still feel it hurts, even with your words” taps in into an experience that often happens as we end a connection with someone we cared about. I got the chance to really connect with the artist as I felt weirdly at home in this song. It truly gave me this nostalgic feeling that I was yearning for in new music. Not only in the melody, but as well as the lyrics. I can’t wait to hear more. I am looking forward to hearing what Jenny Kern has coming up next.

By Joselyng

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