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“Your Girl” - Neomi | Review

There is a roundness and a warmth to every song from néomí and it is no surprise that her latest single “your girl” brings the same emotive warmth we have come to expect and love.

This is a more dream pop leaning track than we have seen from néomí and I am in love. Her lyrics strike a chord with me everytime. The hook “treat me like I’m your girl” is almost a biting yet anthemic statement of self worth.

This is a feeling I have described to people in my life too many times. The feelings of trying to fulfill how others see you rather than existing for yourself and as yourself. The pain and frustration of trying to navigate these split views of the self especially while navigating relationships can be overwhelming.

“Your Girl” feels like a needed cathartic release as you navigate how you see yourself and figure out how that looks in relationships and in love. It leaves me with the question, which version do they love?

"'your girl' is about people (whether known personally to you or not) painting a picture 'you' using their own words, their stories, their interpretation of who they think you are today, or you should be tomorrow or how you were in the past. It is about realizing that you are no longer playing yourself in your own 'movie' but instead find yourself trying to fulfill how others see you in their own 'movie'. You lose yourself to another 'you' and become another character because of that. I noticed I was playing up to a character of how others around me saw me and had to work very hard to find myself again.” - néomí

néomí is the moniker for folk-pop singer-songwriter Neomi Speelman who writes authentic and sincere stories backed by dreamy soundscapes inspired by the classic folk songwriters, old and new alike.

2023 started with a bang for néomí: After performing at ESNS she was voted the #5 best act of the whole festival by 3voor12 and she was awarded 3FM Talent by national radio station 3FM. The station would go on to nominate her for 'Best Newcomer' at their annual awards ceremony. In March néomí was invited by SYML to open on his European tour, returning to the road the following month when label mate Jonathan Jeremiah asked her to join him on 10 tour dates over Europe. Latest EP 'after' was released on April 14th with néomí's biggest headline show taking place at a sold-out Paradiso in Amsterdam on May 7th. What followed was a summer of full band festival appearances, finishing with a captivating performance at one of the Netherlands' most prestigious festivals 'Into The Great Wide Open'.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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Oct 23, 2023

Not bad..

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