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"You Wanted This" - Jodie Nicholson | Review

“You Wanted This” is a haunting track that will stick with you long after you’ve listened.

Nicholson’s vocals, reminiscent of The Japanese House, immediately caught my attention, and the melancholy, unsettling feeling of the track kept it. As she continuously repeats “I wanted this”, it feels as though you’re listening to her trying to convince herself of the statement before she eventually shifts to “You wanted this”. The soft piano and guitar slowly begin to build before giving way to an unexpected synth in the bridge that captured me all over again. Not once did I know what was coming next in this track, and that’s what I loved so much about it!

Jodie Nicholson, based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, uses music to explore her relationships with her family, friends, herself, and most importantly, music. Her signature melancholy, minimal sound has not gone unnoticed, as she has been recognized by BBC Radio 1, American Songwriter, and NARC. Magazine. She has also performed at Wilderness, All Points East, and Cambridge Folk Festival, just to name a few! Her debut album, “Safe Hands”, is out May 10th - be sure to give it a listen!

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