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“You Make Me” - DEVADO

With her single “You Make Me,” DEVADO breaks onto the scene with a pulsating R&B ballad that will find you in close proximity to your next fling on the dancefloor. The production of the song itself is worth noting, DEVADO records a majority of her music in her own basement studio at home. The only instruments she’s using are her voice and body percussion to produce the music.

For fans of pop and R&B, DEVADO brings a great combination of both, providing heavy drums and synth beats that are as pleasing to the ear as the ones that have dominated the radiowaves for the past two decades.

The intro to the song is reminiscent of a Latin beat, with its rhythmic drumming, almost hinting that it might, at a later point, break into a thumping club anthem. However, DEVADO stays steady and chooses to keep the production simple and exciting. In doing so, the song has increased emphasis on the lyrics.

“You make me” is the first of several singles that the Berlin-based singer will be releasing in 2023. The song is dedicated to those who are closest to us and avoiding the urge to say, “I’m doing fine” when asked, “how are you?” DEVADO has produced a song that encourages people to reach out to others for help and to acknowledge that sometimes we are the best when we can rely on those closest to us.

DEVADO will be showcasing her new single, live, with “Breaking Sound” in Berlin on February 27th with other artists like “Lucid” and “Kingsley”

Written by Eli Chavez

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