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“YOU” - KEV | Review

KEV explores the meaning of one word in specific situations in his new single, YOU.

"YOU" is about the relationship between two people.

“It's incredible, and scary, how much one single word, look or choice can be so crucial in specific situations. These are the situations I wanted to explore in an EP - and this is the result” says KEV.

“It’s all about four songs with different contexts, but between two people. That's why the EP is called 'YOU' - because I realized that it was all a story told from one person to another.”

This dreamy, galactic-sounding song is the perfect energizer for a long drive or a late night with friends. It’s an electronic dance song with more depth, making it an even more enjoyable, thoughtful listen. KEV’s style reminds me of Kygo, specifically his balance of production and vocals, and represents the best of the electronic/pop music genre. YOU is definitely a perfect new release for summer, the season for carefree, dance-worthy songs.

KEV doesn’t only include the vocalist, but all of his musician friends and producers that help to craft this project into something great. Producers Galavent and Jubel produced KEV’s last EP, Chapter X, which now plays on radio stations all over France. Though the group resides in Halmstad, Sweden, YOU is an indicator that their music will reach many other parts of the world.

Written by Tatum Jenkins

Edited by Hannah Schneider

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