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"You Can Leave a Mess in Here” - Leon in the Wild | Review

“You Can Leave a Mess in Here” by Leon in the Wild is an indie pop song that transports me to the mountains. It makes me feel like I’m dancing in the morning sun, looking down at the incredible mountain view, smiling. This song is the feel-good vibe you’ve been missing.

From the beginning this song is full of hope. The light guitar, higher pitched synths, and upbeat rhythm create the optimistic atmosphere of an adventure about to happen. The artist’s tone is hazy and echoey, like a dream. His production includes a few muffled lines and whistling that add complexity to the song. The artist’s carefree, adventurous lyrics detail the road trip of a lifetime that starts with an irresistible invitation: “Are you doing anything right now?” This song is begging you to take that risk you’ve always wanted to take. Leon in the Wild’s music video is very aesthetically pleasing as it films him driving up and down winding, mountain roads from the perspective of his partner in crime in the passenger seat.

The line “you can leave a mess in here” uses his car as a metaphor for offering a place for the girl he loves to be vulnerable, messy, and herself, while also battling his own internal anxiety and messed-up upbringing. The trip represents the drive from his hometown to the unknown and the growth and changes they've made along the way - the drive into a new life.

Leon in the Wild is the self-produced project of indie artist Leon. Hailing from Northern California, Leon in the Wild’s music pulls from a variety of influences ranging from super-bands like The Beatles and The Beach Boys to 90s heroes like The Smashing Pumpkins, Eels, and Built to Spill and indie bands like The Smith Westerns, Pond, The Honeysticks, and Pinegrove. "I’ve always made music while staying in the background,” says Leon. “I’ve always been the guitarist, the producer/engineer, the person mixing/mastering, background vocalist, etc. This is my first step into the wild as myself. My first shot at making something that’s just me.” His debut single, “Fade” was released in May 2020 and has already gained over 5,000 streams on Spotify and 2,100 views on Youtube.

Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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