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“Yin Yang”- X.ARI | Review

BOP! The only word we can use to describe the latest single from Toronto-born songwriter X. ARI.

“Yin Yang” really takes on the personal experience of X.ARI. Her personal mission is to turn her pain into power so this track about her life with Bipolar disorder and mania really sheds light on the topic and a strong way. Not every artist is able to deliver a vulnerable track like this but still keep a strong electro-pop identity. X. ARI really is bringing her A-game with this release.

X. ARI says on the track, "It's a song about Bipolar and my experience with mania in particular. Sometimes everything feels black and white. Sometimes it feels like I’m dying. It’s in my darkest moments where it feels like it’s the end that I’m being reborn and given a new start."

“X. ARI is an award winning singer-songwriter-artist and mental health advocate from Toronto currently living in Los Angeles. X. ARI’s motto is to turn pain into power using art to do so. Musically, the songstress deftly dances in and out of genre lines, moving from entrancing alternative pop to gritty hip-hop under a cover of electronic elegance. At the same time, the visceral lyrics transmit messages of hope as often as they ponder tragedy. Her sound comes to life in the middle.”

Written and Edited by Hannah Schneider

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