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“Winter Love” - Fionn | Review

Lately, I have been refinding my love for Christmas music, just not the classics.

Fionn brings listeners a cheery pop holiday track with their new song “Winter Love”. I love this duo’s dynamic, everything is just full of joy and light making this track a total earworm in the best ways. A perfect holiday track that captures the spirit of love, kin, and the holidays.

There’s a delicate finesse that can be found in the songwriting of Vancouver’s sister duo Fionn. Combined with their lush vocals and euphoric melody, the pair’s latest offering “Modern Medication” is no exception. Accumulating over 700K streams since their 2017 debut with "Skeleton", which peaked in the Top 5 on the CBC Music charts, Fionn has had their music featured among some of the most sought after playlists such as Indie All-Stars, New Music Friday, Contemporary Blend, Folk and Friends, Ready to Rock, Rock Your Block, Fresh Finds, and Canada Viral 50. With their rich harmonies and smart songwriting, the duo has impressed industry and press alike, receiving praises from tastemakers such as Billboard, Condé Naste, Exclaim, Ladygunn, PopMatters, Guitar Girl Magazine, and CBC Music.

Fionn are young women with old souls. They’re feminine and fashionable but prefer to hang with the boys. Their sound is rooted in classic folk, but on “Modern Medication”, their latest single via 604 Records, it boasts a modern alt-pop sheen that’s uniquely theirs. Born into a very musical family, the B.C.-based pair has been performing together since the age of 12, when they would busk on Vancouver’s Granville Island. By 14, they were playing nearly 100 shows per year, and they’ve been soaring on a steep upward tangent ever since. With their recent releases, they’ve evolved from their stripped-down acoustic stylings to their newfound hybridity. Simply put, the results speak for themselves, combining folk roots and a ‘70s swagger with a boisterous and jubilant indie-pop aesthetic. In an era of instant gratification, of one-dimensional singles and disposable artists, Fionn have put in substantial work and are turning heads the world over.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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