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“Who Cares” – Zoë Low | Review

When somebody’s freaking out in a relationship, the other person often has to overcompensate with calmness. Keeping composure can help the distressed find comfort and security—but imagine playing both roles. What if you’re freaking out on the inside too? Trying to tell someone that everything’s going to be alright when you, yourself, don’t really believe it is a real conundrum. Zoë Low describes this emotional endeavor with confidence in her new single, “Who Cares.”

The song explores Low’s anxiety, but it’s more though, than just a lament about her feelings; its message is delivered by a calculated and impressive performance. Low’s voice contains an unlikely combination of both refinement and otherness—like a cross between Sarah Bareilles and Björk. The melody is addictive, and the harmonies spread the vocals over the top of the whole song like icing on a cake. There’s care and intention in the music. The performance, recording, and arrangement are deliberate and refreshing. The chord movement is interesting—with a cool transition from the IV to the iii to the ii chord in the pre-chorus. There’s striking staccato plucking in the verses, bouncy and reverberating key parts and smooth, gentle percussion. It perfectly encapsulates the “chill” vibe she’s trying to emanate in the song’s story.

Amsterdam-based singer/songwriter Zoë Low started growing her fan base on SoundCloud two years ago. She showcased her vocal talent through covers of popular songs and earned a feature on a version of Amy Macdonald’s 2007 global hit, “This is the Life,” by LittleKings and Kalkovich. “Who Cares” is her third single of 2021. It releases alongside her five-track debut EP which is out March 19 via Bloomer Records.

“Who Cares” tackles a timely topic and ultimately serves as an example of Low’s writing and performing talents. It’s delivery and production is ravishing—transporting the listener right into the room with her as she sings. This conveyance is underscored by a break in the song where it sounds as if she’s included a moment from a home recording. It’s a clever effect that lands perfectly where it’s placed. Zoë Low offers a really fun single to coincide with her EP release and reminds us of the dog in the room on fire. “This is fine,” he says.

Written by Matt Kalicky

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