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“Where Did My Love Go” - Alex McArtor

Alex McArtor is serving the young persons interpretation of classic vibes and sounds. Her new song “Where Did My Love Go” begins with a completely nostalgic track. It almost reminds me of the 1997 track “Chan Chan” from Buena Vista Social Club. The same twangy guitars and slight shakes in the background which give it depth and warmth. Her vocals are moody and almost melancholy which almost contrast the warmth of the instrumentation. I would compare her to an artist like AURORA with the intricate but understated tracks and multidimensional vocals which set her songs apart.

All of the comparisons aside, Alex McArtor is only sixteen years old! Originally from Texas, she now attends a boarding school in New Hampshire. “She loves to write poetry and music, is into the works of film/photography, and has a passion for traveling.” She has been recording her first album “Spoken Words” and releasing singles. Personally, very excited to see how she grows.

Alex says, “I love expressing myself through writing music. I believe it’s the most beautiful, raw thing we can do on this Earth. To express through art and have something to say.”

Written by Hannah Schneider

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Barbara Schneider
Barbara Schneider

Fantastic track!

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