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When I Leave the Mountains - Tommy Douglas Keenan | Review

This track starts with beautifully haunting acoustic guitar and immediately pulls you in to where the writer wants you to be.

This song puts me in such a lovely place with its overall vibe, it makes you feel warm but slightly sad. “When I Leave the Mountains” is Tommy’s second single in his relaunch (he has music under Tom Keenan as well), it’s more quiet and sensual then his first “Rich People”. According to Tommy this song is a meditation on memory that becomes a recollection of a secret love.

Tommy Douglas Keenan has a balance of irony and naïve optimism in his writing. His songs are deep but simple, giving depth, sadness, darkness but are also sweet and funny. He’s also an incredible harmonica player which you don’t find very much now-a-days.

I know I’m excited for Tommy Douglas Keenan’s next single and I hope you are too after hearing this beautiful song. You can stream “When I Leave the Mountains” everywhere music is available.

Written by Heather Kathryn

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