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"What Do You Want" - Nick Sanza |Review

Nick Sanza consistently creates relatably feel good music.

"What Do You Want" is the perfect warm weather song. The instrumentation is catchy but subtle enough to let Sanza's vocals really take the spotlight. I feel like you just press play and get a sense of Sanza's raw narrative style that begs you to listen.

Singer-songwriter, Nick Sanza, offers a sincere breath of fresh air with his latest release, “What Do You Want”. With direct and colorfully introspective lyrics and a melody that will beg you to sing along, it is sure to be your new favorite song.

Co-written with Jesse Bluu and Michael Blume in Nick’s Brooklyn apartment, this track

releases frustration when the mountain seems too high to climb. The second single of a

forthcoming album, largely produced by up and coming producer-songwriter Jesse Bluu,

highlights Sanza’s emotional tone and stylistic versatility.

Nick Sanza is a Brooklyn based singer-songwriter making easy-listening pop for your fried nervous systems and mangled hearts. A gay voice for consent and empathy, Nick uplifts his audience while encouraging them to give into their nature.

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