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"What Are The Chances" - Man Alive | Review

Everyone has felt the feeling of longing for someone. Your bones ache and they are the only person on your mind constantly. No matter how long the relationship lasted, whether or not you were good for one another, you can’t help but wish they were with you and could carry your emotions with you.

On September 15, 2023, Man Alive released “What Are The Chances” on his first EP ‘Colours’. The track starts with a somber guitar and vocals. While the song gives an initial sad feel, I would not say that the song actually is. As Man Alive kept singing and the music went on, I felt like the track was about accepting your circumstances but wondering how small differences would have made a change in your fate. “What Are The Chances” stayed relatively calm, but the bridge is what really solidified this song for me. I could feel all of the emotions and thoughts expressed without a single word being sung. I would recommend this track to those out there who think no one can relate to their feelings, I hope this tune provides some comfort.

Man Alive is the solo project of Mark Prendergast, who is a part of Kodaline, the hit rock band hailing from Ireland. The release of the 5 track EP ‘Colours’ follows up the pre-release of tracks “Colours” and “Be Someone” from the guitarist and songwriter. While Man Alive has only been releasing music for less than a year, Prendergast is no newbie to the industry, having almost 20 years of music making experience. I can’t wait to see what Man Alive shows next and how he will evolve as an artist and individual.

Written by Ayesha Khahera

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