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"Weekend" - Meet Me in Orbit | Review

This is what I think about when I think 80s. More of a modern 80s. If 80s music traveled in time to 2021 and used current music to influence theirs. That’s what this track sounds like. This track is pure happiness with great lyrics. The track captivated listeners with both its lyrics and instrumentals. The production value is top-notch.

This eclectic track goes from electronic to pop that brings the audience to a melodic but also lyrical experience. Not bad!

The duo says on the track, "'Weekend' is a song we’ve been working on for a long time. The concept actually started as a voice memo back when we first started MMO, and we’ve just been waiting for the right time to finish it. On the surface, the song is about a shy romance, but it’s really about how just passing time with the right people might be the closest to actual happiness anyone could hope for."

Both members of Meet Me in Orbit, Jared Brannan and Brandon Bews, are from Northern California. After their first singles came out, the duo was spotted by Sky Council Recordings. The band has spent all quarantine mastering their art, so expect to hear more from them very, very soon!

Written by Quincy Williamson

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