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“We” - Juliander | Review

We’re all lucky to live the lives we do, but artist, Juliander, definitely realizes his latest release “We.”

“To be able to reminisce about the past is about a beautiful privilege,” says the artist. “We,” is written from the perspective of “massive change,” and how the world is “reacting,” to that change. Oftentimes, the younger generations recognize that the world is changing but older generations don’t– “We,” is a power cry for older generations to recognize this change and do something about it.

Juliander is a Swedish artist, songwriter and producer. With strong and emotional vocals personal lyrics and beautiful melodies, he can tell a story that will immerse you in his universe. A universe accompanied by analogue vintage synths, powerful drums and organic instruments to create an atmospheric and melancholic world.

I believe “We,” is the perfect song for our generation. It perfectly summarizes the privileges we have while also capturing the privileges we do not have and begging others to look at them and help us. “We,” almost sounds like a cry for help and Juliander did an incredibly beautiful job capturing this helpless feeling.

"We was born from a single sound and the lyrics came to me right away. It was written in a one take. Everything felt natural and it just flowed, the best feeling for a songwriter. I experimented a lot in the production and my favorite part is probably the instrumental after the second chorus, it just feels euphoric and I love it." - Juliander

Swedish artist Juliander, is no stranger to the stage, having toured with acts such as Alan Walker and Zara Larson. He has also performed at Coachella and recorded with Noah Cyrus. Juliander is a writer and producer, and uses his melodies to tell a story like no other.

Review Done by Casper Barbour, Edited by Hannah Schneider

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