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We are all beautiful; ‘Stay (feat. Laraw)’ - Minthi | Review

This is one way to say “bonjour” to the world. Minthi’s sweet pop single ‘Stay’ is destined to make a great first impression.

A song about hope. Isn’t that just lovely? While “Stay” isn’t butterflies and rainbows at its core Minthi creates a track that offers a sense of hope and joy to accompany the pain. I think that is incredibly powerful. A sad song does not need to feel sad. Sung by Canadian artist Laraw, the track has a sweet and sour push and pull that works beautifully with the message of the song.

Minthi took great care in creating this song playing into the highs and lows of experiences and emotions.

“Because the art of partying is also knowing when to leave. The words are bitter.

Because the joy of being alive sometimes also translates into a bass drop on the floor or a synth-pop chorus triumphing with feel-good vibrations.

Because a melody is the best weapon to express your suffering or existence, and turns it into energy to support the next loss or recognize the coming epiphanies.”

Simply because we are always there, and as long as the world remains what it is, we will need to know how to party, even with a tear in the eye - and what better remedy than to dance a little, looking for a soul mate, a little less alone for a moment in the middle of a crowded room? Who knows, just a glance under the flowing mascara may be enough.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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