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‘Way we say goodbye’ - OSTON | Review

‘Way we say goodbye’ is an emerging pop gem. OSTON has the haunting vocals of a pop legend like Halsey but the youthful perspective of a new up and comer like Eilish. ‘Way we say goodbye’ is a great song. The build to the chorus is a complete ear worm and the melody will be in my head for the rest of the day. For a relatively new voice to the pop scene OSTON is making a pretty big mark with this release. My only criticism is the beautiful vocals should be shown off more! The way they are processed can be out of the artists control but for those great melodies you don’t need to distort that sound.

OSTON said that this song is about her first love after they broke up when she left her home town. “We continued our physical relationship when we saw each other because the intimacy, passion, and desire was too intense to ignore . This song is about each time I said that this would be the last.”

“This is the 3rd single off of my EP which will be released in May with another single in April.”

“Originally hailing from Park City, Utah, the Chicago transplant, OSTON is embarking on a journey as an indie-pop songstress that exemplifies the word misfit. Struggling as a young woman with what the world considers a boy’s name, OSTON (Austin) has decided to embrace the androgyny not only in her name but in her music as well.

Her upcoming ep, titled “Sitting at the Kids Table,” perfectly demonstrates the ideology with effervescent melodies and lyrics partnered with hard hitting yet quirky production that isn’t completely organic nor synthetic. OSTON’s debut single “bad" brilliantly encapsulates each of these elements. It is a call to all of us that have fallen too hard too fast and been left in the dust once used up. “bad” constantly pushes and pulls, leads us in different directions, begs us to stay, and most importantly makes you press rewind.”

Review Written and Edited by Hannah Schneider

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