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‘Wavin’ to My Haters’ - Mountains in the Sea | Review

Next time you post to Instagram you won’t need to fear the comments section.

Wailing guitar, a snappy beat, and some powerful and sultry vocals, Mountains in the Sea is waving hello to everyone who listens.

The track is engaging and fun. There is something familiar about ‘Wavin’ to My Haters’. It sounds like Adele's "Rumor Has It" meets Billie Eilish and Portugal. The Man. Some 60’s meets modern vibes. It is an anthem for a generation that has grown up dealing with more haters than ever thanks to the internet, about leaving all that behind and rising above it.

Mountains in the Sea is husband-and-wife duo, Phil and Angela Lamb. The pair met in 2011 and bonded over shared musical interests, and wooed each other with cover songs they sent via Soundcloud across their 3,000-mile distance. After marrying in 2012 and relocating to WA, they began performing locally as a duo and as part of five-piece indie rock band The South Hill. In 2018 they formed new project Mountains in the Sea as an outlet for an indie-pop sound they were honing in on together, reminiscent of CHVRCHES meets Imagine Dragons, with a dash of The Black Keys thrown in. When they perform live, the duo uses live looping to build their songs on stage.

Mountains in the Sea plans to release an EP in 2019.

Written by Hannah Schneider

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