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‘WAVES’ - Saul Rivers; The calming song that brings summer pop to a close.

‘WAVES’ - Saul Rivers; The calming song that brings summer pop to a close.

‘WAVES’ is a pop song but heavily influenced by rock and more indie song-writer sounds. The smooth vocals of Rivers tie the piece together. I am getting almost a Lostboycrow/DYSN vibe from this track. ‘WAVES’ is a song to chill too, whether that is swaying around your room, floating in a pool, or just soaking up the last rays of summer. It’s the cool jam that will help beat the heat.

The story about the song and it's creation:

“I wrote Waves about 4 years ago believe it or not and over that time the song has taken many shapes and forms through recordings and live performances. After all that time, the song really took shape and I decided it was time to record a studio version of the song after having released a live version on my last EP called The Pineapple Sessions.

I got connected with producer Scott Jacoby of Eusonia Studios in NYC and we quickly realized that it was the perfect fit for Scott to produce this and a couple of other songs for me. Scott mixed Coldplay's last album "A Head Full Of Dreams" as well as Vampire Weekend's "Vampires of the City". He has written for artists including John Legend (Freedom Now) and Rachel Platten (Wildfire) and has written, produced, and engineered projects for others including Jason Mraz, Janelle Monae, Stormzy, and more. It was a real honor and pleasure working with Scott on this project and his expertise helped me take my music to an entirely new level that I am extremely proud of. The instrumentalists on the track are some of the best I've worked with - Al Carty on bass (currently touring with Rob Thomas), Adam Jackson on drums, and Eli Menezes on guitar. I also had the pleasure of recording the song at Powerstation New England (New London) which is an exact replica of the world-famous Avatar Studios in NYC.

Waves is a song about getting out of your head and back into your body. As a native New Yorker, I've been surrounded by the hustle and bustle of a city that truly never stops moving. Regardless of if you're accustomed to the NYC lifestyle and all the commotion that it brings, I think we can all relate to getting stuck in our heads more often than we'd like, and I wanted to write a song that was about letting all of that go and just "let the music surround me, just let it fill my soul, just let your waves flow through me, just let it move my bones". My hope is that this song takes you to a place where you can groove, dance, and forget about everything in your head and just enjoy the music.”

About Saul:

New York City born and bred, Saul Rivers is a singer-songwriter for a lost generation. Rivers got his start playing shows around the city at legendary venues like The Bitter End and eventually selling out clubs like City Winery and Rockwood Music Hall. Having recently signed to AWAL where he put out his live EP, The Pineapple Sessions in 2018, Rivers is now looking towards the future. He is hoping to build on the success of his last studio EP, Couldn'tDo It Alone, whose title track cleared a million streams. With the world at his feet and a potent sound driving him forward, it's hard not to be enamored with the singer-songwriter whose soothing voice tugs at your soul.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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