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Waterparks Intellectual Property Tour Review Los Angeles

Is it really a show on Hollywood Blvd if it doesn’t smell like piss while waiting in line? We had the opportunity to go see Waterparks on their final night of tour at The Fonda, in Los Angeles, California. Personally I love getting to shows early so I can get a good spot, but sometimes the wait can be long and boring, however that is not the case at a Waterparks show. Fans ranged from six to forty plus years old, and everyone was so friendly. Everyone around me had been at the show the night before as well, Waterparks fans go hard for sure. Everyone was sharing snacks, giving out bracelets and buttons with Awstens’ face on them, something I had never experienced at a show before.

Once getting into the venue I rushed to the front of the stage and stood about three rows back. Listening to the interesting playlist the venue chose featuring Train, Village People & Dua Lipa, (weird choices for a pop-punk show) and I anxiously awaited the start of the show.

First up for the night was Sophie Powers, eighteen year old singer from Canada. She took the stage with her drummer Nicholas Santana and guitarist Mike Gonek who absolutely killed. She had high energy and the crowd was engaged from the start. More pop than punk, but the people that knew her songs screamed the lyrics and it was a fun time.

HUNNY took the stage shortly after Sophie Powers and rocked the house. HUNNY is an American Rock band from Newbury Park, California. The band consists of Jason Yarger (Lead Vocalist & Guitarist), Jake Goldstein (Guitarist), Kevin Grimmett (Bassist & Backing Vocalist) and Joey Anderson (Drummer). One thing I loved about HUNNY’s performance was that between every song they had instrumental interludes that kept the crowd engaged and sounded really cool. There was also a moment when Jason put his shirt over his face and sang through it. Why did he do that? I’m really not sure but it was awesome.

Onto the main event, Waterparks is a Pop Punk band composed of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Awsten Knight, backing vocalist and lead guitarist Geoff Wigington, and backing vocalist and drummer Otto Wood. Their set started with Geoff and Otto going out on stage then Awsten followed wearing a giant puffer jacket covering almost his entire face aside from his mouth. The outfits throughout the night were iconic, they also had perfectly timed fog machines that hit on the beat and I really appreciate little details like that. Awsten brought out his friend Logan Rice and had us sing him happy birthday which was a cute fun moment for everyone.

At every Waterparks show there’s a part where Otto and Geoff leave the stage, Awsten is handed an acoustic guitar and he sings whatever songs he wants or what the crowd requests. He played Dizzy, Not Warriors (Probably my all time favorite song by Waterparks) We Need to Talk, Gloom Boys. None of them were the full song but I love when he does this because it’s a chance for the audience to engage and sing with him.

Before they performed my favorite song off of Intellectual Property - CLOSER, Awsten had an intimate moment with the crowd about how sharing his music that is personal to him is a weird thing at first but he’s glad that everyone is supportive and receptive. After the screams when the songs were done the audience was dead silent waiting to see what Awsten would say next, definitely had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand.

I’ve seen Waterparks a few times now and they always look like they’re having so much fun and always have their audience captivated. The amount of Mosh Pits and Crowd-surfers during the show were absolutely insane. All in all this was one of my favorite shows I’ve been to in awhile and I can’t wait for their next tour.

*Also I caught one of Geoff’s guitar picks and it says ST*ARFUCKER on it, I love that they have different song titles from the new album on them cause you never know which one you’re going to get*

Waterparks Set List -




Stupid for You





War Crimes





(Whatever Awsten is doing)

I Miss Having Sex But At Least I Don’t Wanna Die Anymore



Encore -




Written by Heather Kathryn

Photos by Emma Dill

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