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“Walk On Water” - Crossfya | Review

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Walk on Water expresses the elements of stepping out in faith and the value of believing in yourself. The music video features vibrant scenes of Majorca in iconic locations across the island - captured in harmony with dynamic vocals from the powerful singer Soul Nana.

The track really feels like a modern take on an early 2010’s dance anthem, sort of a Sean Paul vibe. This UK band is such a good vibe tribe! The music video is very feel good 2000’s style and the track is just a positive dance track. I also love when artists can spin rap music to create something more commercial pop with good messaging. Just a fun summer song!

Crossfya was birthed out of a passion for music and faith in Jesus. The band are a 3-piece blend of DJs, rappers and singers from the UK. During their high energy live shows they mix Future House, Trap and Dance music. They have played at festivals across Europe including Creationfest (UK), ADOP (Denmark) and further afield at Vizag cityfest (India). They have headlined shows at Lithuania (Sielos), Germany (Outbreak and Dresden City fest) and Holland (Volleyfest).

Crossfya use their music as a tool to inspire young people with a message of hope and positivity. They enable them to see their potential to be the change through a relationship with Jesus. Crossfya love putting on a great show at large events and keep themselves reachable by connecting with young people in more grassroots environments.

As artists Crossfya take their responsibility seriously to empower those who respond at events by inviting them to join the Faith Gang movement. We also have an app called iTruth®, that takes people on a journey to Discover Jesus / Follow Jesus / Share Jesus through short, cutting-edge films.

They have performed face to face to over 250,000 people and seen many encounter Jesus as a result.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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