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“Waking Game” - Washburn and the River | Review

“Waking Game” by Washburn and the River has that magic touch that enchants you within the first three seconds.

Now three seconds isn’t a lot of time to make an impression but it sets the tone for a track, a good artist can keep your attention but a great one can create a whole story that evolves and enchants more with each passing moment. Washburn and the River is a great artist.

The focus track from their EP Love and the Lesser (out now) is the perfect example of their "brooding millennial indie with loveswept softboi gritty charm." The track opens in a very contemporary dreamy chord sequence very reminiscent of way we hear in a lot of indie folk right now. I think what sold me more - beyond that instant breath of folky flair - is the Jason Mraz style storytelling and build of the instrumentation. Sometimes less is more when it comes to the intricate weaving of stories like this. It allows the loveliness and care just wash over the listener in a way that is nothing short of magical - a brain vacation

Abundant feelings. 
 Washburn and the River is the treasured indie-artist project that Jake Rosenberg has been nurturing since early high school. A multi-instrumental songwriter turned producer with an urge for authentic truth telling, he pens deeply introspective tunes about life, love, relationships, healing, and navigating through this crazy journey of life we find ourselves in.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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