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"waist deep" - Lenn |Review

Lenn’s electro pop song “waist deep,” the titular track of her new album launching on August 11th, showcases the dichotomy of longing for stability and a fight for purpose. Interlaced with a heavy downbeat and Lenn’s clear and powerful belt, emotion pumps through the heart of this song while transporting listeners to a dream-like ambiance.

Cleverly utilizing a homonym of “wading” and “waiting,” Lenn makes a striking comparison of how she feels like she is out of her element and has gone in too deep too quickly with the hesitation and yearning that accompanies the space of waiting for something: the feeling that she is not ready for what is to come, but has also longed for it for so long. The idea of self doubt is prominent in the narrative, creating a relatable and vulnerable atmosphere for the listening session.

Musically, the track does not disappoint. The ever present modulated bass line compliments Lenn’s brighter vocals that are as essential to the storytelling as the lyrics are. With a heavy downbeat, this song hangs in a chill yet vibrant complexion, reflecting on the personal journey many go through to figure themselves out.

Written by Allie Witek

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