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“Violet High” - 80purppp | Review

Released this Friday, debut album, ‘Violet High’ raises 80purppp’s buzz to a fever-pitch and cements his position as one of the most interesting new artists out there.

80purppp is a really interesting blend of Alternative and Indie R&B that is truly a fun listening experience. With over 4 million streams on Spotify, this artists is a new Canadian breakout star.

The 8-track EP features previously released singles "Unstable" and "Tay!" and is a collection of songs inspired by teenage angst, seeing the London-born Canada-raised artist drop melodic bars on subjects like mental health, sexuality, breakups, and toxic friendships. Rapping over silky, bass-heavy production with as much confidence and poise as his chart-topping Canadian counterparts like Drake, The Weeknd, Tory Lanez and PARTYNEXTDOOR, ‘Violet High’ follows the same sonic temperament as his most recent singles and is a collection of mid-tempo R&B grooves with soft undercurrents of disco.

“Some of the themes explored weren’t always easy to convey,” says 80purppp. “Mental health, for example, an especially controversial issue at the moment finds itself embedded in the project. Finding a way to accurately depict the message dealing with mental health, while creating a song I wanted people to actually enjoy; was hard, to say the least.”

“The truth is that we all struggle with the things nobody wants to talk about, the only difference between me and another young artist you might listen to today is that I’m not afraid to address the topics that I believe are important in our society,” he continued. “Recording this project for me, helped me understand myself a little more. It opened up thoughts that weren’t always easy to deal with, but overall this project gave me a better understanding of who I am as an artist, as well as a person.”

Violet High tracklist:




Wrap Up




over&over (bonus)

About 80purppp:

Born in London before moving to Ontario and finally basing himself in Alberta, 80purppp is the rising British-Canadian artist known for his signature voice texture and catchy anthems about mental health, sexuality, break-ups, and friendship.

Having amassed over 4 million streams on Spotify alone, 80purppp first started creating music after experiencing heartbreak for the first time and needing an outlet for everything he was feeling. He never intended to release his music to the public, instead, he wanted to record songs and keep them to himself as a form of a diary.

Inspired by elements of R&B and pop, 80purppp’s sound is dominated by broad, seductive melodies and crisp, catchy production. He hopes his music will give a voice to youth dissatisfied with the circumstances they’ve found themselves thrown into, providing hope and inspiration for the future.

Visit 80purppp Online:

Review by Hannah Schneider

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