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“Vegas” - Morgantown | Review

A piece about the end of what could’ve been a serious relationship, LA-based duo Morgantown returned with their second single in February 2024. Their first single, “The Door”, brings a chilling atmosphere with wistful vocals and tingling instrumentals. Their second single “Vegas” brings a reflective, in-your-feelings mood with a stripped-down country ballad with acoustic string instruments (i.e. guitar and fiddle) and two-part harmonious vocals. Playlists I would see “Vegas” in are cottagecore-themed or chill picnic mix.

With the weather getting warmer, “Vegas” sets the scene of reflecting outside with a guitar in your hand. The instrumentals and music production made me envision a front porch with light wind blowing and the sun beaming down. The lyrics leave people to reminisce on a summer fling/romance. Coming from someone who’s single, I can’t help but think about my relationship with my imaginary ex while listening to this song.

Based in Los Angeles, Morgantown is a country-duo featuring singer-songwriters Kendra Celise & Paige Shannon. Though the group is relatively new, their respective catalogs say otherwise.

Kendra Celise released her first EP “Dreamer” in November 2021 and her album “Dreamland” in 2023. Her song “Worry Bout You” went viral on TikTok, gaining 1.5 million views. Kendra released her song “Marijuana” this year and is working on her sophomore album “Ego Death”.

Paige Shannon began playing guitar and writing songs at 12 years old, playing Americana and folk-inspired songs. In 2019, she released her EP “Boxes”, followed by “Keep on Running” and “This House” off her 2022 project.

Kendra’s and Paige’s vocals and raw lyrics drive their passion and talent for music. Morgantown released their first song “The Door” on November 30, 2023. You’ll most likely find Morgantown playing shows in LA. Otherwise, they’ll be in the studio with producer Dan Kalisher working on their EP.

Written by Yaba Ahounou

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