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Vance Eris’s First Release ATHENA: An Electric New Indie Artist

Vance Eris’s first release “ATHENA” sonically disrupts the fabrics of Lo-Fi Indie music with an eclectic array of textures and melodies. Distorted sample selection wraps around an arpeggio of guitar under driving rhythms of drums and bass. With Vance Eris’s catchy vocals floating above, there’s an inviting quality for all to a synth-dream infused journey.

“How does it feel, Athena, seems that you were running out of time, they caught you in a lie, stepped out of a dream to see ya....” - Vance Eris

The lyrics resonate a tension where one person can’t get a hold of another, echoing hopeless romance coupled with another’s indecisiveness. The song’s surrounding instruments create a dream-like vibe that brings the listener into the fantasy, possibly along with an uncontrollable urge to dance. Vocal harmonies hit frequencies in a fashion that create a memorable combination of hooks and choruses, making this new single hard to forget.

“You fall asleep, all alone, when you know you're on his mind, but that can’t be what you want tonight.” - Vance Eris

The track was produced and mixed by Vance, with help from various musicians/audio engineers, giving the final product a high quality with Lo-fi blends. The cover art shows an action figure falling through the air, with a resemblance to Vance Eris himself. Having dropped “ATHENA” with Tezan Records on October 25th 2021, the artist quickly followed with the single’s witty music video, poking fun at the saturation of the indie genre’s cliches through an entertaining storyline.

Vance Eris currently creates from Los Angeles, California, where he drew inspiration for the term “valley trash,” which is seen throughout the artist’s social media. The themes incorporated with the music industry and Indie Pop also ring with a familiarity of LA. ATHENA can be found across most streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube where the producer quickly gains streams for his first release and shows high potential for more material and content, which we will eagerly wait to hear.

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