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VÉRITÉ Releases Live EP Featuring All-Female Orchestra Little Kruta | Review

Riding high off a wave of deserved acclaim, indie pop artist Vérité has released a new video of her live studio performance of “Phase Me Out”, originally released last year as a single from her album Somewhere in Between, with Little Kruta, an all-female orchestra. This most recent version with Little Kruta is from her new EP, Bunker Studios Session, Brooklyn, NY, which contains five reimagined recordings of some of her most well-known songs, and this recording of “Phase Me Out” does not disappoint. Although the original was a pop banger with powerful production, Vérité’s vocals were not as prominent (particularly in the chorus). However, in this studio session, the interplay between Vérité’s voice and the orchestral arrangement plays a central role. Vérité’s haunting yet powerful upper register is served well by the orchestral accompaniment of Little Kruta. This new version is certainly not something you would hear in the club, but judging this song on how danceable it is would be missing the point entirely; this version of “Phase Me Out” has a gravitas that the original lacked which could be a shift for the fans who are in love with the original. But enough with comparisons, “Phase Me Out - Orchestral Performance” is a wonderful introduction to Bunker Studios Session, Brooklyn, NY, with its soaring strings and Vérité’s voice angelic yet strong. Far from being overpowered by the weight of Little Kruta, Vérité’s vocals glide over the orchestra and blend seamlessly with it. Vérité is a vocal powerhouse as this and countless other performances by her prove. Perhaps most importantly, she is a gifted songwriter whose songs consistently display passion and technical talent, regardless of arrangement. Whether she’s singing to high-quality electronic production or to world-class orchestral accompaniment, Vérité’s talents shine. I would highly recommend this version of “Phase Me Out” to fans of pop music or even chamber music. And for those who are already fans of the original, I would only suggest that they listen with an open mind and an appreciation for this reimagining of a fan favorite; both the original and the orchestral version are excellent in very different ways, but one thing is consistent: Vérité’s artistry.

credit: Nolan Feldpausch

Written by Gabriel Grassie

Edited by Hannah Schneider

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