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“Until You Are Sorry” – Carolina East | Review

Sometimes an apology doesn’t cut it. Sometimes it’s all somebody needs. Genuine atonement takes courage, humility, and gumption, and its delivery can make or break a relationship. Carolina East opens up in her latest single—giving us a look at what holding out hope in the midst of heartbreak looks like. The song is titled “Until You Are Sorry,” and it’s an anthem for anyone who’s loved someone that couldn’t put them first.

The collectivity of East’s honest plea projects a certain darkness in the guise of something more optimistic. It’s a clever design that fuels the song’s momentous impact. It’s encouraging in the sense that, lyrically, she’s saying there’s a chance to fix what the couple in the story have. She’s willing to try. She uses calculated variations of a I IV vi V chord progression within the key of Bb Major—a key that’s known to project feelings of trust, elation, and a drive to keep the faith. The variable progression builds and releases tension at all the right moments. The darkness layered into the song is knowing that, if she has to spell out the steps to a suitable reconciliation, it’s never really going to happen. That truth is where the track’s emotion lies.

And speaking of emotion, East’s voice will stop you in your tracks. She channels the greatest era of pop country—exuding the charm and gut-punch delivery of 90s powerhouses like Martina McBride, Trisha Yearwood, and Jennifer Nettles (when she sang in Soul Miner’s Daughter). Her timbre and articulation are alluring. She delivers an accessible, controlled melody during the verse and reaches a crescendo of impassioned heights in the chorus. The movement in the bridge and well-placed riffing in the finale strongly contribute to the song’s excitement as well. The track offers audiences an opportunity to hear a powerful voice over epic-sounding music and punchy percussion.

“Until You Are Sorry” is the fifth studio single from Canadian-based Carolina East. This award-winning singer earned the 2020 MusicNL Country Artist of Year Award, a nomination for ECMA Indigenous Artist of the Year, and a spot battling it out in the semi-finals of the Sirius XM Top of the Country competition as they search for the next big name in country. Expect more powerful storytelling from this artist throughout 2021 and a debut full-length titled Miss Understood in October.

Written by Matt Kalicky

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