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Unheard Gems Top Tracks of the Week - April 21

I guess this week is for the guys. I am obsessed with these 4 tracks and the incredible voices and minds behind them. If you are looking to fill that new music fix, you have come to the right place. Here are my recommendations as of April 21

Clide - “Must Be Nice”

I adore clide. He has this distinct sort of pop vocal that keeps this depth to it. He has taken electro-pop and made it pack a punch. “Must Be Nice” is an uptempo emo-pop track that captures this incorporation of alternative music into electronic beats. Clide has singer songwriter type lyrics, you could only imagine a cute acoustic version but the way he has transformed the experience and manipulated the instrumental to enhance the storytelling experience is truly powerful.

“Wore my heart on my sleeve for a moment, but you know that it all comes to an end. So I’ll leave you before we get broken, cause I can’t be broken once again.” ~ Must Be Nice

Hazlett - “Please Don't Be”

Hazlett is the perfect singer-songwriter to close your day with. There is something melancholy and haunting about his voice but the pain and longing come through so strongly. A delicate guitar adds to the power of his candid lyricism. The Stockholm-based Australian shares this raw and heartbreaking song about the intimacy and hurt of watching someone you love fall in love with someone else. Something about the song is calming and meditative, you are totally surrendered to the experience.

“Move like a typhoon/ I’m just a flame / smokey by nature/ charmingly sane”

Mathew V - “You’re Still The One”

Shania Twain may be one of the most iconic artists of all time. Coming off her recent performance with Harry Styles, I could not be more excited for Shania-related content other than the moment Mathew V released his cover of “You’re Still The One”. Mathew has this hold on me. Anything that he sings I fall in love. Beyond being smitten with V’s vocals, his reimagination of “You’re Still The One” brings something new and soulful that clearly holds a lot of sentimental and emotional value for V beyond just his love for Twain.

When I texted Mathew begging for his reflection on his experience with this song he said “This song is childhood Mathew’s Shania Twain lip-sync performance dreams fully realized. It was such a treat taking on one of my favourite songs by the artist that soundtracked my entire childhood”

Well, all I can say is I think a Shania - Mathew collaboration is needed more and more every day.

Michl - “Self”

I have always loved Michl’s distinct styles. I can’t exactly pinpoint what about his music is so captivating….is it the little disjointed elements, the pauses of suspense, the little nuanced edits to his vocals, the overall experience is hypnotic. If you love his newest single “Self” like I do, you will love every single one of his tracks. The line “I could make myself a name and lose myself” real is that experience. In attempting to solidify an idea of yourself or your reputation what do you lose along the way? His repetitive lyrics are deeply insightful and call you to take a moment of self-reflection. Incredible always.

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